We offer more of a non-linear approach to Yoga. Here we offer a place to have self inquiry, exploration and adventure.

Everyone is welcome - from beginners to advanced.

Inviting you to live your way, to continually unfold and be delighted in the discovery of your flow in the great becoming.

Yoga Inquiry is a special place to focus purely on YOU. Finding a way of being that suits you now. Here guidelines are created by you to live life as an adventure. In private one on one session style, or small group sessions available. We will unfold freely, without prior agenda.

Yoga Explorations are offered in group style similar to a mini retreat. With the yoga means we move, breath and relax on the way. Discovering ourselves and re-discovering freely and naturally.

Yoga Adventures awaken the love of the great adventure that life is! We take our practice off the mat, allowing life to flow through us. Adventuring into nature and various cultures we become the walking Yogi in action. This is for individual or group expeditions both locally and internationally. Moving with the “UBUNTU, a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.” Embracing “ I AM BECAUSE WE ARE” we adventure into learning & sharing life with humankind and the natural world.

If you are pregnant, have injuries, physical or mental challenges, or in healing please contact Prema Yoga before commencing